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Not any old Health & Wellness podcast!! Join Clinical practitioner Shannon Brenton, as he packs up his clinic and hits the road full time to connect with Australia's most experienced & influential talents in the health & wellness space. Combining with many of the people Shannon has worked with over the years, these are the stories often never told. Bare boned truths, industry secrets & the personal experiences of industry leaders that most never get to hear from. Educational, inspirational & entertaining, the outcome is a thought provoking collection of conversations aimed at equipping the average person with the tools & perspectives required to live a better life in modern times. This Podcast is proudly brought to you by PSE Supplements.
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Jul 2, 2018



“I was depressed, insecure, suicidal & hated myself and my life. I actually tried to end it at 18yo”

-Emily Skye

Welcome to episode 31 of The Travelling Wellness Show


Today I’m on the Gold coast of Australia to chat with health and fitness influencer Emily Skye, along with partner Declan Redmond.

Oh another fitness influencer I here you ask?? NOT FOR A MINUTE, and as you’ll hear shortly, Emily Skye is different; unique in fact, in a way which words are difficult to describe. Sure she’s sexy, she’s sassy, and she’s the usual shot of aspiration for young and older girls alike, but she’s much more than that too. She’s also scarred, she’s brave, she’s evolved and she’s real; She shows much more than just skin, and her near 11 million FB followers alone are testament to the fact that there’s really just something about Emily Skye.

"Dec was my saviour & responsible for massive shifts in me. He helped me to be more positive and to change my perspective on life. I also removed a lot of negativity from my life, including people"



The Emily Skye brand has become an incredible source of inspiration for women from around the world, as Emily and her team set out to help women simply be the best ‘them’ they can be, via her online nutritional and training programs which quite simply lay down the necessary foundations for lasting change.


Of special interest to me to me however, is the massive change which has just embarked in Em & Dec’s personal lives, with the recent addition of beautiful baby Mia. Now any parent out there understands the deliberate shift a child places on business momentum & relationships, and so we are here today to chat with the guys about life, about parenthood and all things Emily Skye.


"  I like to show people that I go through the same things as they do. I’m just like them”



Todays show is proudly brought to you by Cell Charge; the world’s most potent fulvic super food (check it out at  & by the Emily Skye Fit App; If you’re time or information poor, let me assure you that Emily’s new Fit app program is a game changer in fitness usability, function and results. You can train with Emily in real time either in a gym or even from the comfort of your own lounge room, and not only be inspired by Emily, but led and instructed in a way that only Emily can do…. so jump onto your favourite app store and enjoy the first week free as you make the shift towards a better you.


Now sit back, grab a protein shake and get ready for a laugh…


Jun 18, 2018



“Our emotional disconnect from ourselves and each other is far more devastating than any food or beverage”

-Pete Evans


Welcome to episode 30 of The Travelling Wellness Show

Today I’m in the family kitchen of celebrity chef and controversial ‘foodie’ Pete Evans, to discuss, well, Life.
This episode is a glare into the real world of the guy you’ve all seen on television.
And one thing is for certain, there is far more to Paleo Pete than just his love of simple living.


"I am happy to be the messenger; the connector for the people out there who might not have as large a platform to deliver the message as some chef who’s famous for being a judge on a cooking show"

-Pete Evans


Under the suit in fact embodies a very mellow lover of life, of love and of truth.
Pete doesn’t drive an agenda of what he thinks the world should know, more an ideology of what is, and has been since the beginning of time. Pete’s deep respect for truth has led him through doors which once opened, cannot be closed nor denied.
Now I know, you ALL have an opinion of Pete. You either love his viewpoints and prescribe to his way of life, or you sit firmly on the other side, and at time rightly so, querying the evidence Pete so blatantly throws under the microscope, questioning everything you know or were taught.


" “The truth can be unsettling for people; it can be unsettling for the energy of a society”

-Pete. E


And where do I sit people ask, well firmly with Pete, and moreso with the growing list of researchers and clinicians who realised long ago that ‘health’ and ‘what works' IS easily indentifiable when you work with enough people and realise that current dietary guidelines are an embarrassment to humanity.
Cheers Pete for the liver Terrine and genuine conversation about what it actually means to be human...
If you enjoy this episode guys please share it across you social media platforms and expose more people this the other side of Chef Pete Evans
Enjoy the show
May 23, 2018



"Ask me anything; I'm an open book”

 -Kerwin Rae



Welcome to episode 29 of the travelling wellness show


Kerwin Rae exploded onto social media a few years back now, with the promise of helping other people grow their existing & often struggling businesses into something special. This promise drew people from all over to examine the material for themselves, and to see if Kerwin could be the leader they were looking for. As the free one day events filled up fast, as did the three and five day business strategy programs, to the point of mass following. What supporters of Kerwin would find however, is that behind the brand lies a very wise and very experienced leader indeed; a man who has battled in the trenches both in life and in business, and is willing to share the whole story in an effort to fast-track life successes for others.

From ADD & Dyslexia, to several near death experiences, Kerwin Rae draws upon all life's apparent flaws in order to bring a different experience both for his devoted K2 members, and also just for you. Kerwin acknowledges that a 'business' is simply an extension of oneself, and purposely takes his followers on a deep journey of self-discovery. Now sure there's the expected business marketing strategising  & work rate efficiencies that a person would expect from a high level coaching course, but there's also a heap of unexpected 'hand-holding', counselling and sometimes necessary truths which are ultimately required for your business progression. Funny that!


And so what does a podcast with Kerwin look like? Frankly it's insightful, raw and honest. As you will hear, no subject is off limits and Kerwin is comfortable in his own exposure in an effort to connect with the flaws which we all feel. Kerwin IS a definite leader, rather than a boss. He asks nothing of those around him that he does not demand of himself.



“ I get more done in a day than the average person does in a week”





We discuss


*Kerwin's upbringing and battle with academia from a young age.

*Kerwin's apparent explosion onto the coaching world stage & the reality of what this took.

*Why there is opportunity behind every negative event, and how personal growth is achieved at these times.

*The process of Intermittent Fasting and why Kerwin chooses to follow it daily

*Kerwin's diet and exercise regime.

*Kerwin's recent marital divorce and what it has taught him.

*The daily processes which keep Kerwin puposely directed and focus driven.

*Work / Life efficiencies



Kerwin has been a personal friend now for a few years, and I can attest to the level of authenticity which he displays. The guy you see on stage is the very same guy that anybody shares personal time with. His obsession with personal mastery echoes throughout the brand which he drives, and is the reason why his famed K2 Elite course has grown exponentially in the past few years.

The K-Man as he is known, will continue to inspire via his no-bullshit emotive presence, and by tackling the core weaknesses blocking the flow of success in the lives of so many. Kerwin will also continue to lift the lid on the uncomfortable subjects that so many people don't want to face, and will lead those who are fearless enough to follow. Kerwin, you are a man of the people, and an insanely dedicated creature to the cause. Stay inspired and keep inspiring.

We all love you


May 7, 2018



"If you make enough time for your health, you'll have enough health for a good time”

 -Frank Caruso



Welcome to episode 28 of the travelling wellness show


In the world of corporate businessmen, you will be hard pressed to find another man who lives and breathes the passion of his craft more than Frank Caruso. Above profitability, Frank considers legacy his prime motivator, and by legacy, he mean you and yours.

In its own way Frank's story is a bit of a fairy tale, as his passion for health came as a subsequent extension of his own learning while working as a Mazda motor mechanic in the late 1970's. It was to be a book which forever changed the way Frank viewed his own body, and sparked an enormous interest in what this could also mean for others. Not long later Frank washed his hands of grease for the last time, and opened a small health food retail store to further explore his passion for health. This is where the bug was born and Frank went on to grow an international health food empire, now known as Caruso's Natural Health.


Few people are as generous with their time, and fewer business owners stand 100% behind their brand. Frank still occasions retail staff training events that other heads of business avoid, and to this day still calls new retail accounts to thank them for choosing to support the brand which supports so many others; the Caruso brand.



“ Behind everything I have achieved in this life lies my wife, Grace. She went without a family home for many years as she supported my passion for the natural health industry”


-Frank C



We discuss


*Frank's early years as a motor mechanic and the book which would forever change his life for the better

*Franks career mentors & prime influencers who helped pave the way

*The #1 bugbear which caused Frank to randomly examine the shopping trolley's of his customers & ask the questions which needed to be asked

*The process of detoxification and Frank's personal fascination with it.

*The secrets of Frank's success, and his advice to you .

*Frank's recent ketogenic diet discovery, and what this diet could mean for you


The extended Caruso family is very dear to my heart, and that of my family. Within the group, Frank is very much 'leader' & 'big brother', keeping the ship well steered with a strong will, lazer focus & masses of humility. Within the Australian health industry he is respected by most and revered by many.

From me Frank, just thank you. No person has influenced my direction, provided unparalleled support or been as generous as you. Hopefully one day you'll let me pick up the restaurant bills!

Much love mate, Shannon...

Apr 10, 2018

Ben & Travis from the Vitality Trading Co take us through the chain of command which is common in the world of superfoods. From the farm to the shelves in which you purchase these supplements, what is the real cost to humanity?



Dec 23, 2017



"I first started obsessing over what i ate, before starting to hide food and eating only in private. It was a scary time in my life"
-Josh Wiggins


In the lead-up to recording this episode, I mentioned to several people that the topic was going to be on Male Anorexia. Unequivocally, the response was one of amazement and generally followed a reply to the effect of "that would be really rare wouldn't it??" And I'll tell you what I told them.... "NO, no it isn't in fact"

Male anorexia and MDD (as it's more commonly known), are a bit like prostate cancer is to older men; a secret. Something that exists but isn't commonly known, nor discussed. Today's guest however has lived the nightmare and has promised himself that he will make a difference in the lives of others by sharing the fate he was dealt. The young, skinny kid I first met in the gym many moons ago was already under the heavy influence of body dysmorphia, and struggling in ways people would never know.

There is nothing especially different about Josh Wiggins, or his story for that matter. What is different though is his tenacity to fight the good fight, and his brave nature in completely disclosing his own demons in an effort to help any person who currently finds themselves in the throes of a similar state.


On this episode Josh and I discuss


-Early detection and the warning signs of what could be a problem.


-The reality of living with an eating disorder & it’s effects on loved ones.


-Muscle Dysmorphic disorder / Bigorexia




-Calorie observation & IIFYM


-The reality of drug use in young gym-goers


-The veil of delusion within the media & fitness industry & why ultimately the industries themselves are largely to blame.


Josh can be reached on his new IG account @_joshwiggins & is willing and able to support any of you who are currently struggling with similar life issues & requiring an open ear.
These things don’t just go away or get better on their own guys, so make a choice to live your life abundantly and reach out to those who can help.
Enjoy today’s show



Oct 1, 2017



Somewhere around 8 or 9 nine years ago, a young and not very ambitious Lachlan Tame walked through my clinic doors. Referred by legend surf boat sweeper and Avoca Beach Surf club life member Richard Brierty, Lachy as he's known, just wanted to be better. The vision at this point was small, yet Lachy was leaving his mark in local club races and showed promise for the future of his local club which had a strong history in results.


"I had a bit of a bet in 2010 that I would make the London Olympics. It wasn't as easy as I anticipated!"

-Lachlan Tame


Spurred on by a bet against a mate, Lachy was true to his word and fast forwarding just a little he finds himself standing on the podium in Rio, 4 years after failing the original bet of London, and with the partner that he literally fell out of the kayak when competing against for the very first time a few years earlier. Ken Wallace became a mentor for Lachy, and paved the road forward for what was to become a life changing moment.



" I learned to do the little things right and to have fun with it all. Not being the best at anything meant I had to find the best ways to get little things done"

-Lachy on the kind of athlete he has become.


The story here isn't necessarily of the Bronze medal collected in the 2016 Summer Olympics, yet more to do with the relentless grind and personal conviction that found an average athlete standing on the most important podium an athlete will ever stand on. From the comfort of his lounge room I bring you the Lachlan Tame story. From the beginning. Uncensored, and with the humility you'd expect from the guy next door.


Sep 25, 2017




Welcome to Episode 24 of the Travelling Wellness Show with Shannon Brenton, where today he travels back to Adelaide, South Australia, to talk with environmental illness guru Rick Hopton.

Rick is the guy you call when your health questions cannot be answered, and current modalities fail to offer acceptable solutions for a host of chronic symptoms ranging from asthma and sinusitis, right through to headaches and fatigue.

In this era of technological advancement that we live in, it's really no surprise that not all modern conveniences are simply positive additions to out lives, as many people find themselves battling symptoms that modern medicine alone cannot explain.

Sep 12, 2017


At the basis of any health protocol lies action. This is the part where you come in and begin putting theory in its place.


“To Know but not to do is not to know?” 

-Stephen Covey


On this episode of The travelling Wellness Show, Mike and Myself provide the framework from which all great body's are ultimately spawned. There is enough science to keep you interested, enough experience to make things happen and passion for days.

I go into a lot more detail around the nutritional requirements that you must implement for results, and the scientific validation for doing so.

As promised Mike has been busy in the gym with a friend, to bring you the exercises below which frame up many of the push and pull variations that Mike discusses throughout this 2 part muscle building series. These exercises alone will take you far and work within any periodised training plan. We ultimately advise that you seek the guidance of an experienced trainer in your area, particularly if you are not confident in the execution of correct exercise form. Otherwise build slowly up, beginning with your own personal form review in front of a mirror to make sure you are mimicking the correct techniques before picking up any weight. There are also hundreds of regressive movements for those people not capable of achieving those below without pain or mobility concerns. Another reason to work with a local fitness professional.

Podcasts such as this are simply a labour of love which I can only hope you pick up and run with. After 17 years sitting full time in front of dysfunctional and diseased people, let me assure you that prophylaxis is always the best option. Don't wait until it happens to you, and don't let disease dictate the terms of your existence.


Sep 4, 2017


Building muscle isn't just for the ego-conscious. The generation and maintenance of an adequate level of skeletal tissue will directly influence what type of life you lead in later years....


“Your muscle is your furnace for burning body fat. If you carry a reasonable amount of muscle you're simply going to expend more energy?” 

-Mike D


Welcome to Episode 22 of the Travelling Wellness Show where on today's show I find myself on the Queensland Sunshine coast speaking with fitness trainer and IFBB pro bodybuilder, Mike Debenham.

Now I go back a bit with Mike, and don't wish to scare anyone off by selecting a bodybuilder to have todays conversation with. To put it simply, Mike knows a thing or two about building muscle and uses his 30 years of experience to influence the lives of people from all walks. Sure he comp preps other male and female competitors for the stage, but this only serves as a reminder that if the serious muscle accumulators reach out to Mike for help, you can too!

This is a two-part show, firstly framing up Mike as your coach as well as the primary reasons that all people should be concerning themselves with maintaining the precious resource we call muscle. On this episode we get to know Mike personally and set the stage for epsiode 23, which is essentially the meat & potatoes of how to gain more muscle via the fundamental movement & nutritional principles.

Key factors of learning include

  • Basic physiology and functions of skeletal muscle
  • General principles of skeletal muscle generation
  • Primary mistakes made when trying to increase lean tissue mass
  • Hormone and gene expression modulation
  • Nutrition 101; the absolute requirements for muscle growth
  • Primary movement patterns for best results
  • Exercise 101; what should I be doing & how often should I do it?


"The amount of guys like mid 30's that I see, who can't even life a small lawn mower into the back of their ute is simply alarming"

-Mike D


Now here's the best part for all the newbies, mum's and dad's & other assorted folk that feel like it's all too hard and not possible for them. THIS MINDSET IS SELF-LIMITING & FRANKLY COMPLETE BULLSHIT! You can do this, you can still lead a normal life, you can still eat and drink the things you like and the exercise part won't take more than 90 minutes out of your entire week!!

Feeling confused or overwhelmed at the thought of it all?? Well thanks to Mike D, we have photographed all the primary exercise movements for you & will make them available on the episode 23 web page next week. We have your back on this, and urge you all to take your life into your own hands and make a move towards a better you.

Growing Muscle is both an art and a science and will influence the whole of your life, rather than simply how you look. That's just a great side-effect!

Enjoy this 2 part series and feel free to reach out for assistance


 More information on Mike’s can be found here
Aug 28, 2017

Are our thoughts and feelings the true predictors of physical health??
 “95% of who we are & what we do is unconscious. Why are we not talking about what creates our behaviours, our thoughts & our feelings?” 
-Miriam Henke
Welcome to Episode 21 of the Travelling Wellness Show with Shannon Brenton, where today he travels to the Adelaide Hills of South Australia to chat with master health practitioner & Health Psychologist, Miriam Henke.

Shannon & Miriam essentially deconstruct the critical factors & processes which have become the framework for Miriam's clinical program, the Mainspring method.
"My body was failing me and no body could give me an answer. No one could help me"
-Miriam Henke
As always, Shannon delves deep into the personal life of todays guest, serving ultimately as a real-life example of one person's battle to reclaim their health. The net effect of this being that many of you will resonate with Miriam's struggle, possibly seeing little bits of your self within her story.
Miriam doesn't only action results for her patients, but she also teaches other practitioners in the wellness space how to better understand & treat those they serve.
More information on Miriam’s up-skilling programs & clinical regimes can be found here

Aug 11, 2017

Why you, why here, why now?


“ True healing must consider the mind, body and spirit. I come from a place that straddles both worlds"

-Dr Kylie Dodsworth
Welcome to episode 20 of the travelling wellness show.
Every day I field calls and emails from people who are completely dissatisfied with their local GP and at the point of losing faith in the entire medical system.
With so much 'them versus us’ constantly dividing the natural and allopathic modalities, you can hardly blame the end consumer when they literally don’t know where to turn next when their health takes a turn for the worse.

“ The issue was never about people being open to it, it was about the structure being open to it. (in clinic) I ran late a lot of the time”

-Dr K

But you need not despair as more and more doctors are breaking away from the mainstream and starting to consider ‘all of you’ within the treatment paradigm. Despite the fact that once upon a time this was simply ‘best practice’, it certainly feels like a different time and place now, as people struggle in ways that medicine cannot always define, nor fully rectify.
Let me introduce you to Dr Kylie Dodsworth, an integrative medical practitioner from South Australia who combines her extensive medical knowledge with a deeper understanding of life, and our roles within it. Dr Kylie is a breath of fresh air, and simply put, a medical practitioner of the highest standard.
And let me just clarify for the record, I serve the people not the agenda, and in so, this is not an attack on general practise, more a reminder that complexed states of dysfunction always require complexed solutions for true healing to occur.
Love you guys. Please enjoy the show





Jul 21, 2017

“ When I reached 33, the flame that sat inside me got reignited, and I became conscious of the fact that I was capable of more. It was like this hunger I couldn’t ignore”


-Janet Smith

Welcome to episode 19 of the travelling wellness show.
Are you one of the many who struggle to blend the monotony of your day to day, with the burning desires that lie inside?? Have you ever dreamed of more, only to be told or shown that it’s not possible?? Well, join the long line of people in front of you…
Today’s guest, like many others who have faced life-changing events, chose to walk the road less travelled & stick the middle finger up at the very society that was trying to dictate the terms of her existence.

“ I felt so much guilt as a mother wanting more from my life. I still fight this to this day.”


At the park with her kids, Janet Smith appears like any other mother of three, but don’t be fooled, because this chick has a few extra tricks up her sleeve. An acclaimed accomplished Obstacle racer both here and abroad, Janet has started to work out what balance looks like, after a long time without much at all.
Everytime someone said no, all Janet heard was YES. When self doubt and guilt screamed “slow down”, Janet ran quicker in the other direction. And the moral to the story is that we all have hopes and dreams and we are all capable of achieving them. It’s ultimately about choice, personal determination and the love & support of those around us.
As a semi-finalist in this years “Australian Ninja Warrior”, Janet has decided to keep playing a bigger game. You can support Janet’s amazing journey through her facebook & instagram profile janetannsmith, and by viewing the semifinals of Australian Ninja Warrior that Janet appears in this weekend.
It’s time to get motivated
Enjoy guys
“As a mum of three girls I wanted to play that role model to them. I wanted to show them what strong, fit & healthy looked like”
-Janet Smith




May 19, 2017

"I once read this thing about footprints in the sand and decided not to tread the path of anyone else. I wanted to be original”


-Cheyne Horan


Welcome to episode 18 of the travelling wellness show


Let me start by saying that this episode has very little to do with surfing, and is possibly one of the most thought provoking episodes I’ve done & with content that was completely unexpected.


Surfing has simply offered today’s guest a deeper connection & unparalleled life perspective that only mother nature can possibly serve up.


Cheyne Horan is a true innovator, visionary & public activast, who has used his voice & public position to help make the world better.


“ I realised that surfing and life intertwined. If i sought to experience a wave in a different way, I also experienced life in a different way”


-Cheyne Horan



We discuss


*Cheyne’s affinity for macrobiotic eating, yoga & meditation & his ultimate goal of cleaning mind, body & Spirit

*Cheyne’s connection to legendary innovator Ben Lexen, and the fin that challenged the industry.

*How surfing changed his life, and the parallel between how one surfs & how one chooses to live.

*How age has affected his ability to do what he loves

*Cheyne’s crusade to put etiquette back into the water and the world.

*What it means to truly carve your own path in life



I love this bloke and am so pleased to introduce you to a true soul surfer.

We all have things to learn from Cheyne Horan

May 12, 2017

Did you know that on average we consume approximately 200 eggs per year each and that's talking it down for many, but have you every pondered the true reality of just what kind of egg you're purchasing & the impact your choice is having not only on your personal nutrition, but also upon the reality of the laying hens?



Behind any consumable food product lies our farmers & food tech specialists, who may or may not be considering the impact of their practices upon our health. And with recent stats eluding to the true reality of how may eggs we actually consume per capita, it’s high time we started to observe the impact of our food choices both upon the subsequent effects that are passed onto our health & that of our loved ones + the overall environmental impact of shitty ethical standards.

 Today I tell the tale of 2 farmers, who ask all the right questions and focus upon perfecting small yield growing practices with eggs.


We discuss...

 -Industry standards of ‘Free Range VS Organic and Pastured eggs, and how this relates to animal welfare.


- What is 'meaningful access’ in the free range system, and why marketing is deceiving you every time you try to make an informed choice when choosing an egg to purchase

 -The prevalence & disappointing reality of pesticide & herbicide overuse in the food industry + the toxic reality of conventionally grown food & why YOU need to start questioning what goes into your body.

 -Why you should either be purchasing organic & pastured eggs from local farmers in your area OR keeping chooks at home yourself

 -The reality of this low margin commodity, and the actual value of our food which unfortunately has become lost over time.

 I hope this episode makes us all have a good look at our value systems around food, and start getting back to the larger life questions that have become lost throughout the daily struggle of life.


The guidelines around Pastured production can be found here


Small scale home chicken tractors can be found here

Apr 22, 2017

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill


 Let me introduce you to Glen ‘Micro' Hall; the ex pro athlete turned coach, who is making waves in the world of surfing with his unique approach to leadership that certainly seems to be paying dividends.


With surfing now confirmed as an addition to the 2020 Olympics, opportunity for the current world elite is certainly hotting up as big brands bring along big money, and the prize purses continue to grow. BUT, with big money comes big stress, as athletes seek to ensure higher levels of their own self-mastery; literally pushing the limits at every turn at the world’s most dangerous surf locations.



In the world of Glen ‘Micro’ Hall however, he is as much about the journey as he is the result, but don’t for a minute think this is some soft, new-age approach because under HIS wing, Micro’s athletes are dominant across world stages.


Literally feeling his way as he goes, Micro keeps his athlete's feet planted securely on terra firma, keeping deliberate consciousness around the reality of the lifestyles they endure; the travel, the idyllic locations, the ever changing cuisines, the people and of course the waves. Perfect waves.


From the Ripcurl house in Margaret River I bring you a bloke who fell into the role of coach, but never read the handbook.

Please Enjoy,




Apr 7, 2017
Welcome to episode 15 of the travelling wellness show
On today’s show I’m in Margaret River and hanging out the man that many label as the best athlete EVER. Kelly Slater
If you’re a girl, there’s a strong probability that you’ve had a crush on Kelly since the 7th grade, where his name was written on your pencil case & his baby face & crystal blue eyes hung proudly over your bed. And if you’re a guy with an interest in the ocean, there’s a 100% chance that Kelly has inspired your journey with his futuristic style & flair for innovation both in & out of the water.
If you’re neither, but simply a fan of sport, you’ll be hard pressed to name an athlete that even comes close.
King Kelly IS all that. Inspired by his craft he has dominated the world stage in a sport where mastery is far & few between.
But behind the enigma that is Kelly Slater lies a warm and sensitive soul who craves connection. Like us all, Kelly battles his own demons & seeks to make sense of it all in a world that he describes as too fast.
In this podcast I explore the man behind the brand, and open Kelly up in ways that most have never heard. His authentic transparency & willingness to share with us all is a gift that I never expected, and when the stop button was pushed, it didn’t finish there. What I can say is that in the hours I spent with Kelly, he revealed a level of normalacy & genuine decency that I would only expect from a best friend.
To you Kelly, thank you.
We explore in detail,
- Kelly's early years, and the challenging family dynamics which have shaped the man he has become
- Diet; then and now. From the bottom of the Cheerios box to his chia seed ambassadorship.
- Global sustainability and ocean ecology, including the comment on Shark culling which resulted in death threats.
- The pros and cons of life in the public eye
- Kelly's brands, including Outerknown and the now infamous KS Waveco. which is changing the future direction of surfing as we know it.
- Kelly's relationship with long term brand sponsor Quiksilver, and the factors which led to the split.
- His other love; Golf
- The book that changed Kelly's life
- Life regrets
- Road trips with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam (Kelly even sings a few notes!)
- Kelly's favourite waves
- How he conquered his fear of drowning
- Kelly's advice to his younger self
-And so much more!
Today’s show is proudly brought to you by PSE Cell Charge; the world’s most potent organically sourced fulvic mineral concentrate. If you only take one supplement, make Cell Charge your choice. For more information visit
This episode is a lengthy one guys so get comfy, get hydrated and enjoy the show.
Mar 26, 2017

When I was a boy, the type of healthcare sought & utilised was the choice of my family, and my family alone. Fast forward 30 years though and it seems that 'choice' isn't always as accessible to everyone.

For Episode 14 I simply tell the story of Homoeopathy as I know it to be.

'Plausible' as my guest would describe it, and a deliberate healing system which addresses not just the whole person, just the whole illness as it presents. Case by case. Can you even imagine being treated completely independently by your local doctor, rather than separate from your condition? After all, there was a general imbalance which led you to the subsequent state of dysfunction that you now view as disease or pathology. How can we actually be separate from our disease?





-Unknown source.

George Dimitriadis is a professional amongst professionals. Not only does he accept the position that Homoeopathy is in an a modality, but he mocks the actions and philosophies of many that practice it. With over 30 years clinical experience, George follows and practices the original teachings and observations of Samuel Hahnemann; the founding father of Homoepathy, and keen researcher of medical sciences. These are his stories as they once occurred and are now either forgotten or buried.

I truly fear that we have moved away from medicines that heal, further and further towards isolated drugs for symptomatic control. After all, cures are forever & forever is a very long time.

George Dimitriardis can be contacted at

Mar 19, 2017

"Stress is an adaptive response to your environment. 

Is what's happening in you life under control, or is it out of your control and you can no longer change or exert an influence on it?"

-Dr Elen


The topic of stress is usually met with two differing judgements; those that get it & have experienced its full wrath, and those who don't and are yet to receive a front row seat to the show.

There isn't a clinician in the world, across any modality, who won't agree that unregulated chronic stress complicates every disease or physiological dysfunction known to us at this time. And if it doesn't just exacerbate the symptoms, it can generally be traced to the very root cause that created the dis-ease to begin with. You literally won't find another single determinant capable of achieving so much, and as such, stress must be acknowledged, better understood and considered as a daily component of your life.

As a clinician, it's interesting to witness on a daily basis that most people don't identify with 'being stressed', despite the obvious signs of physiological deterioration. As adaptive creatures we literally accept stressors as normal components of life in the modern time, and push through the early warning signs that stress provides us with; the allergies, the fatigue, the brain fog, the menstrual dysfunctions and mood irregularities all provide the early framework for what should be acknowledged as an organism under load. And by the time autoimmunity & other inflammatory disease rears it's ugly head, opportunity has been lost, and the battle to control the acute phase response takes over. Regardless though, stress will & must be considered at some stage, so unless you choose to spend your life living between acute flairs, it's time to take stock.


"In it's primitive form, stress was an acute response for survival. It had a beginning and an end"


From my personal perspective, so many of us fail to acknowledge or accept that we are stressed due to the underlying subconscious aspects of failure. Accepting what is literally forces us to accept that we may not be where we initially expected to be at this time, or that we are actually out of control and not coping. Either way failure and shame is generally attached, & for most this is a hard reality to contemplate. And what do we do with this new enlightened state of acceptance? How big will the changes need to be to render the acute stressors inert? Will we have to face our unhappiness and make any of the massive changes staring us in the face in order to re-set ourselves and begin to live harmoniously once again?


On this episode of The Travelling Wellness Show, Dr Elen and I discuss stress at length, and the how it creates a cascade of neuroendocrine events that ultimately ends in chronic inflammation, thyroid disturbances and a person out of control.

We highlight the most up-to-date testing methods which best pinpoint how well your body is dealing with the daily loads placed against it, and discuss at length why patients just like you are feeling increasingly angry and frustrated with the current medical regime which refuses to evolve.

This episode is brought to you by the PSE Adrenal Awareness Campaign - click on the download below to learn more about stress and adrenal dysfunction, and how a simple test can highlight how stress is affecting you RIGHT NOW.

Mar 12, 2017

When you think of a personal trainer / gym trainer, what images does this conjure?


"I started out sweeping floors, selling memberships, repairing gym equipment and then I was offered the chance to teach classes. This is how it was when I started; you began at the bottom and worked your way up with on the job training"

-Shannan Ponton

Shannan's career began well over two decades ago; Before being a trainer was cool, and before entry to it's market place was simply a matter of dollars and a few quick weeks of entry-level education.

Shannan Ponton epitomises what it means to be a true 'Fitness Professional', and is a subtle reminder of what the industry was, versus what it has become. And this is no stab at the thousands of great trainers who motivate and direct their clients daily, more an indicator of what the industry has evolved into, and the areas in which it has failed in an effort to saturate the floors of a gym near you.

With 10 seasons of the highly successful Channel 10 hit TV series "The Biggest Loser" behind him, Shannon and Shannan reflect on the career that was, and Shannan's thoughts on weight loss, training, mindset and the struggle within.

As the industry continues to debate the answers to our obestity epidemic, Shannan talks about the very simple factors that allow the TV contestants to drop weight week after week. And while the scientific communities continue to argue over the pathogenesis of this insidious disease, Shannan and his team just keep getting results for each and every participant for every year that the show screens.

But behind the celebrity is always a normal person with their own unique struggles and life lessons. Learn how Shannan deals with all the normal cravings, time constraints and daily life issues as us all, and what it is that has made him a household name.

I was fortunate to hang out with Shannan in his Sydney home, and talk casually about life, love and family. He's an amazing dad who is happier hanging out at the local skate park with his son, rather than seeking attention via public displays at known paparazzi haunts. He's also a committed husband, and the energy between Shannan and his wife is genuine and infective.

I think that so much of who and what Shannan is will completely resonate with every listener, and motivate you to get more out of every day.


Please enjoy


Mar 5, 2017

Have you ever dreamed of just packing up and leaving the life you currently lead? Well so did I, and so I did....

For 12 months now, I have travelled Australia to combine with my many and varied health colleagues, to create a series of stories that would both inspire and empower change within my audience.

After a 16 year full-time clinical career, my wife Michelle & I decided that a new phase to our journey would begin, as we literally shut up shop & loaded our three young children into a caravan for the journey of a lifetime around Australia.

And where would we go?? Wherever the best stories would be told.

And so The Travelling Wellness Show began.



I've been in the Health, Fitness & Wellness game for a very long time now, and contributed to the industries in a variety of ways, everything from supplement manufacture & wholesale, right through to the clinical and retail arms. People are my life, and health is my vehicle to create change.


Somewhere along the line though, full-time clinical work burnt me out and left me tired and uninspired. Life was more a series of day to day obligations, and even though I still loved my work and those I served, my desire wasn't there. I wasn't playing the game that I always dreamed of, and the efforts rendered over 16 years of full time work had only aided 60,000 people. Such is the reality of the 1:1 process, and every clinician understands this.

The Travelling Wellness Show was simply my way to give back to a broader audience, and to collaborate with other great minds who understand the often misunderstood subjects of health that hold the key to true transcendence.

This episode was recorded due to listener request, as people seem to fantisize with the notion of escaping reality. And in the words of Steve Jobs I leave you with this..


Feb 26, 2017


There is so much noise in the fitness industry nowadays, with so many available movement patterns that the lay person simply gets caught up amongst the noise when it comes to making a decision about what's best for them.

Nothing can be hardcore enough for the consumer either, as movements like CrossFit literally 'forge elite fitness' for average mums and dads, making elite level training protocols readily available to anyone willing to participate. Then we have bodybuilding / physique training which has stood the test of time for sure, and continues to inspire its active participants, followed by the myriad of breakout franchises like F45 which simply provides a 'no thought needed' environment for people who enjoy going through the motions but don't aspire to the likes of CrossFit. In so many ways, we are spoilt with choice as consumers, but with choice comes disappointment and with disappointment comes complacency.

Until now, if hardcore training programs were too all-encompassing for an individual, or too much stress on the body for people under enormous daily stress, the only real options have been our yin focused cousins like yoga and pilates. World's apart!

10 years ago program founder and educator Nathan Helberg found himself in the same boat as everyone else, as he struggled to maintain physical function and mobility on a traditional bodybuilding regime. In his words, Isolation movements had left him 'vulnerable' and in need of change.

On this episode we explore the training system which is ZUU, through the eyes of two of its most experienced devotees. Two people who have experienced the multifactorial benefits that ZUU provides, and have fully embraced it as an important part of their lives. For Luke Bishara, ZUU frankly changed his life and provided much needed direction. For Dirk Gardner it became a philosophy by which to live. For both boys though it is the #truth, and a tool for doing good within communiites & reconnecting people to themselves and each other.

I call these lads good blokes. Nathan Helberg calls them his #generalz

Enjoy the show,



Feb 19, 2017

I first met Dave Tabain in 2014 and must admit, I didn't know what to make of him.

At first glance I saw a tall, suave, fast-talker who I learned had a knack of popping up everywhere! Feeling more like a groupie, I was honestly enthralled and instantly attracted to this character that I could't quite put into words.

Growing up in a very small country town, Dave basically was void of filters, and simply wore his heart on his sleeve. I loved this; someone who just said shit as it was, with zero fuss or bullshit. He simply wanted to positively influence people's lives.


Just ask anyone around you, and the chances are that they know who Dave Tabain is, or have heard his name around the traps. And his currency I hear you ask?? Authenticity, life experience, passion & an early love of the Kettlebell. Simple.

And in reality that is more than enough. More than was necessary, for each of those features he has in spades. Authentic to a fault, embarrassingly so. Life experience that he doesn't deny, starting with early academic failings and familial conditioning that he saw through. Passion in droves; for life, for love, for movement. And the kettlebell, wow! A cannonball with a handle that Dave saw as his way out of the small town he was raised in. Dave made that device his bitch, and went on to win multiple international back-to-back world records .

Anyway that's enough from me. Push play and be inspired by a bloke just like you and me, who decided early in life that more wasn't going to be enough.

For more on Dave, and information on his Internationally-popular 30 day Challenge, click here

Feb 12, 2017


As the age of connectivity continues to throw reality in our faces, the world seems to be going mad for everything cruelty free. We've all seen the images of animal slaughter & the often inhumane processing standards that serve food up onto our daily plate. And with awareness comes responsibility, and with responsibility we must question sustainability for the good of the planet.

For Episode 9, we chew the fat with two guys who are industry leaders in the world of plant based living, and observe the cause and effect of their individual decisions.

Sel from BSKT and COCOWHIP has created a business model around his lifestyle and it's paying handsomely, as consumers reap the rewards of wholesome, tasty and sustainable food products.

Jason Clarke from Brisbane based performance centre Perform 360 however, is living proof that a move to plant based living is possible for an athlete. A fact that many condemn as unachievable.

So it's time to open your mind to what most consider incomprehensible, while we learn from two guys who seem to be doing just fine without animals in their lives.

Please enjoy


Feb 5, 2017

We live in hard times, this is undeniable. Now, more than every before, people are struggling in ways that aren't always easy to explain, nor accept.

As we continue to blur the lines of acceptable living, the daily pressures to be everything to everyone have effectively altered the ways in which our bodies respond to stress. New diseases & the dramatic rise of others are a case in point that shit needs to change. But where does change begin & what would that feel like?

Mid 2015, professional athlete Matt Murphy found himself with big questions to ask as his ability to focus and perform took a massive dive. It's funny how life sometimes throws such large curve balls that it literally forces our hand. Forces the next move, and ultimately sets us up for the next phase.

Adrenal dysfunction is a very real and diagnosable state of ill-health which feels much worse than it sounds. This all-encompassing state of anguish is literally a life changer that many people never fully recover from.

This is the first of many real life case studies which demonstrates the amazing opportunity that sits just beneath your own discomfort, and how ultimately adaptation always reveals a new light.

What does one do when the doctors tell you that everything is OK, despite the fact that you know if your gut that you're actually not OK at all? What is OK anyway?

Is health simply the absence of pathology as revealed via laboratory tests, or does our health encompass much more? Attached you will find the PSE Supplements Adrenal Awareness Campaign which fully outlines Adrenal Dysfunction & all it entails; the how, the why & the what can all be found by downloading the report.

As the world finally wakes us to the subjective concept of wellbeing, I leave you with this podcast.


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