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Not any old Health & Wellness podcast!! Join Clinical practitioner Shannon Brenton, as he packs up his clinic and hits the road full time to connect with Australia's most experienced & influential talents in the health & wellness space. Combining with many of the people Shannon has worked with over the years, these are the stories often never told. Bare boned truths, industry secrets & the personal experiences of industry leaders that most never get to hear from. Educational, inspirational & entertaining, the outcome is a thought provoking collection of conversations aimed at equipping the average person with the tools & perspectives required to live a better life in modern times. This Podcast is proudly brought to you by PSE Supplements.
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Dec 12, 2016



I never had to ask Danny for more; the best athletes are always the ones that I ask to do less”

-Angelo Hyder


Behind every great champion stands the coaches who direct & empower them; ultimately making success a possibility.

As the saga for Australian boxing supremacy continues, Shannon hangs out with renowned boxing coach & Danny Green’s corner man, Angelo Hyder.

In a world where good & great are often differentiated by the 1%er’s, Shannon & Angelo explore the key contributing factors which separate the greatest athletes from the rest of the pack.



From the comfort of the caravan, we tune in on the observations of a man who has worked with the best of the best, not only in this country, but abroad as well.

Better still, Angelo addresses the white elephant in the room; What does the green camp really think of Anthony ‘the man’ Mundine, and does he stand a chance against Danny Green in their much anticipated rematch set for February 2017, in Adelaide South Australia.

All fight hype aside though, this podcast provides very real insight into how far a champ will go to turn their dreams into reality; the sacrifices, the brutal training regimes & the endless laser focus on a destiny not yet realised.

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