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Not any old Health & Wellness podcast!! Join Clinical practitioner Shannon Brenton, as he packs up his clinic and hits the road full time to connect with Australia's most experienced & influential talents in the health & wellness space. Combining with many of the people Shannon has worked with over the years, these are the stories often never told. Bare boned truths, industry secrets & the personal experiences of industry leaders that most never get to hear from. Educational, inspirational & entertaining, the outcome is a thought provoking collection of conversations aimed at equipping the average person with the tools & perspectives required to live a better life in modern times. This Podcast is proudly brought to you by PSE Supplements.
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Aug 28, 2017

Are our thoughts and feelings the true predictors of physical health??
 “95% of who we are & what we do is unconscious. Why are we not talking about what creates our behaviours, our thoughts & our feelings?” 
-Miriam Henke
Welcome to Episode 21 of the Travelling Wellness Show with Shannon Brenton, where today he travels to the Adelaide Hills of South Australia to chat with master health practitioner & Health Psychologist, Miriam Henke.

Shannon & Miriam essentially deconstruct the critical factors & processes which have become the framework for Miriam's clinical program, the Mainspring method.
"My body was failing me and no body could give me an answer. No one could help me"
-Miriam Henke
As always, Shannon delves deep into the personal life of todays guest, serving ultimately as a real-life example of one person's battle to reclaim their health. The net effect of this being that many of you will resonate with Miriam's struggle, possibly seeing little bits of your self within her story.
Miriam doesn't only action results for her patients, but she also teaches other practitioners in the wellness space how to better understand & treat those they serve.
More information on Miriam’s up-skilling programs & clinical regimes can be found here

Aug 11, 2017

Why you, why here, why now?


“ True healing must consider the mind, body and spirit. I come from a place that straddles both worlds"

-Dr Kylie Dodsworth
Welcome to episode 20 of the travelling wellness show.
Every day I field calls and emails from people who are completely dissatisfied with their local GP and at the point of losing faith in the entire medical system.
With so much 'them versus us’ constantly dividing the natural and allopathic modalities, you can hardly blame the end consumer when they literally don’t know where to turn next when their health takes a turn for the worse.

“ The issue was never about people being open to it, it was about the structure being open to it. (in clinic) I ran late a lot of the time”

-Dr K

But you need not despair as more and more doctors are breaking away from the mainstream and starting to consider ‘all of you’ within the treatment paradigm. Despite the fact that once upon a time this was simply ‘best practice’, it certainly feels like a different time and place now, as people struggle in ways that medicine cannot always define, nor fully rectify.
Let me introduce you to Dr Kylie Dodsworth, an integrative medical practitioner from South Australia who combines her extensive medical knowledge with a deeper understanding of life, and our roles within it. Dr Kylie is a breath of fresh air, and simply put, a medical practitioner of the highest standard.
And let me just clarify for the record, I serve the people not the agenda, and in so, this is not an attack on general practise, more a reminder that complexed states of dysfunction always require complexed solutions for true healing to occur.
Love you guys. Please enjoy the show