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Not any old Health & Wellness podcast!! Join Clinical practitioner Shannon Brenton, as he packs up his clinic and hits the road full time to connect with Australia's most experienced & influential talents in the health & wellness space. Combining with many of the people Shannon has worked with over the years, these are the stories often never told. Bare boned truths, industry secrets & the personal experiences of industry leaders that most never get to hear from. Educational, inspirational & entertaining, the outcome is a thought provoking collection of conversations aimed at equipping the average person with the tools & perspectives required to live a better life in modern times. This Podcast is proudly brought to you by PSE Supplements.
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Aug 28, 2017

Are our thoughts and feelings the true predictors of physical health??
 “95% of who we are & what we do is unconscious. Why are we not talking about what creates our behaviours, our thoughts & our feelings?” 
-Miriam Henke
Welcome to Episode 21 of the Travelling Wellness Show with Shannon Brenton, where today he travels to the Adelaide Hills of South Australia to chat with master health practitioner & Health Psychologist, Miriam Henke.

Shannon & Miriam essentially deconstruct the critical factors & processes which have become the framework for Miriam's clinical program, the Mainspring method.
"My body was failing me and no body could give me an answer. No one could help me"
-Miriam Henke
As always, Shannon delves deep into the personal life of todays guest, serving ultimately as a real-life example of one person's battle to reclaim their health. The net effect of this being that many of you will resonate with Miriam's struggle, possibly seeing little bits of your self within her story.
Miriam doesn't only action results for her patients, but she also teaches other practitioners in the wellness space how to better understand & treat those they serve.
More information on Miriam’s up-skilling programs & clinical regimes can be found here

Aug 11, 2017

Why you, why here, why now?


“ True healing must consider the mind, body and spirit. I come from a place that straddles both worlds"

-Dr Kylie Dodsworth
Welcome to episode 20 of the travelling wellness show.
Every day I field calls and emails from people who are completely dissatisfied with their local GP and at the point of losing faith in the entire medical system.
With so much 'them versus us’ constantly dividing the natural and allopathic modalities, you can hardly blame the end consumer when they literally don’t know where to turn next when their health takes a turn for the worse.

“ The issue was never about people being open to it, it was about the structure being open to it. (in clinic) I ran late a lot of the time”

-Dr K

But you need not despair as more and more doctors are breaking away from the mainstream and starting to consider ‘all of you’ within the treatment paradigm. Despite the fact that once upon a time this was simply ‘best practice’, it certainly feels like a different time and place now, as people struggle in ways that medicine cannot always define, nor fully rectify.
Let me introduce you to Dr Kylie Dodsworth, an integrative medical practitioner from South Australia who combines her extensive medical knowledge with a deeper understanding of life, and our roles within it. Dr Kylie is a breath of fresh air, and simply put, a medical practitioner of the highest standard.
And let me just clarify for the record, I serve the people not the agenda, and in so, this is not an attack on general practise, more a reminder that complexed states of dysfunction always require complexed solutions for true healing to occur.
Love you guys. Please enjoy the show





Jul 21, 2017

“ When I reached 33, the flame that sat inside me got reignited, and I became conscious of the fact that I was capable of more. It was like this hunger I couldn’t ignore”


-Janet Smith

Welcome to episode 19 of the travelling wellness show.
Are you one of the many who struggle to blend the monotony of your day to day, with the burning desires that lie inside?? Have you ever dreamed of more, only to be told or shown that it’s not possible?? Well, join the long line of people in front of you…
Today’s guest, like many others who have faced life-changing events, chose to walk the road less travelled & stick the middle finger up at the very society that was trying to dictate the terms of her existence.

“ I felt so much guilt as a mother wanting more from my life. I still fight this to this day.”


At the park with her kids, Janet Smith appears like any other mother of three, but don’t be fooled, because this chick has a few extra tricks up her sleeve. An acclaimed accomplished Obstacle racer both here and abroad, Janet has started to work out what balance looks like, after a long time without much at all.
Everytime someone said no, all Janet heard was YES. When self doubt and guilt screamed “slow down”, Janet ran quicker in the other direction. And the moral to the story is that we all have hopes and dreams and we are all capable of achieving them. It’s ultimately about choice, personal determination and the love & support of those around us.
As a semi-finalist in this years “Australian Ninja Warrior”, Janet has decided to keep playing a bigger game. You can support Janet’s amazing journey through her facebook & instagram profile janetannsmith, and by viewing the semifinals of Australian Ninja Warrior that Janet appears in this weekend.
It’s time to get motivated
Enjoy guys
“As a mum of three girls I wanted to play that role model to them. I wanted to show them what strong, fit & healthy looked like”
-Janet Smith




Feb 5, 2017

We live in hard times, this is undeniable. Now, more than every before, people are struggling in ways that aren't always easy to explain, nor accept.

As we continue to blur the lines of acceptable living, the daily pressures to be everything to everyone have effectively altered the ways in which our bodies respond to stress. New diseases & the dramatic rise of others are a case in point that shit needs to change. But where does change begin & what would that feel like?

Mid 2015, professional athlete Matt Murphy found himself with big questions to ask as his ability to focus and perform took a massive dive. It's funny how life sometimes throws such large curve balls that it literally forces our hand. Forces the next move, and ultimately sets us up for the next phase.

Adrenal dysfunction is a very real and diagnosable state of ill-health which feels much worse than it sounds. This all-encompassing state of anguish is literally a life changer that many people never fully recover from.

This is the first of many real life case studies which demonstrates the amazing opportunity that sits just beneath your own discomfort, and how ultimately adaptation always reveals a new light.

What does one do when the doctors tell you that everything is OK, despite the fact that you know if your gut that you're actually not OK at all? What is OK anyway?

Is health simply the absence of pathology as revealed via laboratory tests, or does our health encompass much more? Attached you will find the PSE Supplements Adrenal Awareness Campaign which fully outlines Adrenal Dysfunction & all it entails; the how, the why & the what can all be found by downloading the report.

As the world finally wakes us to the subjective concept of wellbeing, I leave you with this podcast.


Jan 28, 2017



If you, or someone you know have ever purchased a protein supplement or pre-workout, chances are that you have put a dollar or two in the till of a Mass Nutrition store.



In 2014, these were the kind of headlines that graced the business review pages. Within only 18 months however, journalists began reporting on what appeared to be an entirely different person completely



Luke "Mass" McNally appeared to have it all, before his personal life took major turns & his empire subsequently  began tumbling around him.

Now, Luke is broke & has stood down as the CEO of his own company, due to the damage that his life choices placed upon his business and business partners.

With time though comes clarity, and there isn't a whole bunch that will keep Luke down. From the comfort of his lounge in Melbourne, and with the support of his partner Evelyn, we get the chance to hear Luke's side of this whirlwind story.

From champion bodybuilder to acclaimed business owner, this is the story of a bloke who only ever wanted to play the drums and fight fires; both of which he also did to success.

"I never enjoyed the business side whatsoever; I just wanted to help people"

-Luke McNally

While it is no secret that there are two sides of Luke McNally, his passion for helping others, and skill of supplement formulation will be what he is ultimately remembered for. As this podcast reveals, it is exactly this that Luke wants to get back to as he learns some life lessons the hard way. 

And strangely beneath it all, we reveal a sensitive side to Luke that isn't necessarily obvious upon first impression; for what lies inside the bodybuilder & under all the tattoo's, is simply a dad who pynes for a reconnection with the little lady in his life.


This episode is proudly brought to you by PSE Cell Charge; the world's most potent organically sourced Fulvic Mineral complex, which simply helps you function & feel better.

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Jan 22, 2017

As anyone touched by cancer will tell you, the "C" word normally always conjures up adjectives which best describe the end...

A Cancer diagnosis will pull on the mortal coil of not just the victim, but everyone around them, perhaps more significantly than any other disease will. The fight for life forces a process of critical evaluation unlike any other, as the multifactorial challenges of cancer treatment insist that no rock is left unturned.

In Episode 4, PSE supplements owner Shannon Brenton has a very real talk with a colleague who not only treats cancer in others, but has also felt its full wrath. 


"I still had heaps of energy, and really none of the symptoms which were linked to cancer. My bloods were clear and I had no cancer markers"

- Katrina Ellis


Katrina Ellis's story is nothing short of inspirational. After being diagnosed with a rare & generally fatal form of cancer, Katrina started the very real process of fighting for her own life. This is a tale of shock and disbelief, and the tenacity of one woman who wasn't ready to die.


"You aren't going to live unless we do super intense chemotherapy with you"

- Diagnosing doctor.


Listen and learn as Katrina proves the doctors wrong!

Ladies and gents, I bring you Katrina Ellis

Much love


Jan 8, 2017



"I wasn't fast, I couldn't juggle & I had no spatial awareness"

-Keegan Smith


From the paddocks of Mullumbimby we bring you the world according to Keegan Smith; a well versed, cultured and enthusiastic free thinker. As any good leader should, Keegan is continually challenging the status quo in an effort to find truth & apply it to the lives of his audience; Movement, Nutrition, Fasting, Philosophy, Mindset, & the premises of living better are all variables that describe Keegan's style & approach to life. 



“ People talk about steroids; Steroids are a non issue when compared with pharmaceutical drugs in sport. There are guys in every club who should be in drug rehab"

-Keegan Smith


After a few years as the Head of Strength with the prized NRL team the Sydney Roosters, Keegan chose to leave the big smoke for the Byron Bay hinterlands where he birthed the Real Movement Project; a movement & lifestyle legacy which indirectly points a massive finger at the fitness industry which continues to drown its followers with all the usual commercial bullshit. Keegan & his disciples have ultimately revisited the basic fundamentals of movement, and focused on movement as a functional tool for personal progression.


This podcast explores life through the eyes of a man who chooses to question it. 

The how, why & what of movement, & all it entails & affects are covered here, so stop reading & start listening!




This episode is proudly brought to you by PSE Cell Charge; the world's most potent organically sourced Fulvic Mineral complex, which simply helps you function & feel better.

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Dec 12, 2016



I never had to ask Danny for more; the best athletes are always the ones that I ask to do less”

-Angelo Hyder


Behind every great champion stands the coaches who direct & empower them; ultimately making success a possibility.

As the saga for Australian boxing supremacy continues, Shannon hangs out with renowned boxing coach & Danny Green’s corner man, Angelo Hyder.

In a world where good & great are often differentiated by the 1%er’s, Shannon & Angelo explore the key contributing factors which separate the greatest athletes from the rest of the pack.



From the comfort of the caravan, we tune in on the observations of a man who has worked with the best of the best, not only in this country, but abroad as well.

Better still, Angelo addresses the white elephant in the room; What does the green camp really think of Anthony ‘the man’ Mundine, and does he stand a chance against Danny Green in their much anticipated rematch set for February 2017, in Adelaide South Australia.

All fight hype aside though, this podcast provides very real insight into how far a champ will go to turn their dreams into reality; the sacrifices, the brutal training regimes & the endless laser focus on a destiny not yet realised.

This podcast is proudly brought to you by PSE Cell Charge; the world’s most potent organically sourced Fulvic Mineral complex, which simply helps you function & feel better.


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