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Not any old Health & Wellness podcast!! Join Clinical practitioner Shannon Brenton, as he packs up his clinic and hits the road full time to connect with Australia's most experienced & influential talents in the health & wellness space. Combining with many of the people Shannon has worked with over the years, these are the stories often never told. Bare boned truths, industry secrets & the personal experiences of industry leaders that most never get to hear from. Educational, inspirational & entertaining, the outcome is a thought provoking collection of conversations aimed at equipping the average person with the tools & perspectives required to live a better life in modern times. This Podcast is proudly brought to you by PSE Supplements.
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Mar 19, 2017

"Stress is an adaptive response to your environment. 

Is what's happening in you life under control, or is it out of your control and you can no longer change or exert an influence on it?"

-Dr Elen


The topic of stress is usually met with two differing judgements; those that get it & have experienced its full wrath, and those who don't and are yet to receive a front row seat to the show.

There isn't a clinician in the world, across any modality, who won't agree that unregulated chronic stress complicates every disease or physiological dysfunction known to us at this time. And if it doesn't just exacerbate the symptoms, it can generally be traced to the very root cause that created the dis-ease to begin with. You literally won't find another single determinant capable of achieving so much, and as such, stress must be acknowledged, better understood and considered as a daily component of your life.

As a clinician, it's interesting to witness on a daily basis that most people don't identify with 'being stressed', despite the obvious signs of physiological deterioration. As adaptive creatures we literally accept stressors as normal components of life in the modern time, and push through the early warning signs that stress provides us with; the allergies, the fatigue, the brain fog, the menstrual dysfunctions and mood irregularities all provide the early framework for what should be acknowledged as an organism under load. And by the time autoimmunity & other inflammatory disease rears it's ugly head, opportunity has been lost, and the battle to control the acute phase response takes over. Regardless though, stress will & must be considered at some stage, so unless you choose to spend your life living between acute flairs, it's time to take stock.


"In it's primitive form, stress was an acute response for survival. It had a beginning and an end"


From my personal perspective, so many of us fail to acknowledge or accept that we are stressed due to the underlying subconscious aspects of failure. Accepting what is literally forces us to accept that we may not be where we initially expected to be at this time, or that we are actually out of control and not coping. Either way failure and shame is generally attached, & for most this is a hard reality to contemplate. And what do we do with this new enlightened state of acceptance? How big will the changes need to be to render the acute stressors inert? Will we have to face our unhappiness and make any of the massive changes staring us in the face in order to re-set ourselves and begin to live harmoniously once again?


On this episode of The Travelling Wellness Show, Dr Elen and I discuss stress at length, and the how it creates a cascade of neuroendocrine events that ultimately ends in chronic inflammation, thyroid disturbances and a person out of control.

We highlight the most up-to-date testing methods which best pinpoint how well your body is dealing with the daily loads placed against it, and discuss at length why patients just like you are feeling increasingly angry and frustrated with the current medical regime which refuses to evolve.

This episode is brought to you by the PSE Adrenal Awareness Campaign - click on the download below to learn more about stress and adrenal dysfunction, and how a simple test can highlight how stress is affecting you RIGHT NOW.

Mar 12, 2017

When you think of a personal trainer / gym trainer, what images does this conjure?


"I started out sweeping floors, selling memberships, repairing gym equipment and then I was offered the chance to teach classes. This is how it was when I started; you began at the bottom and worked your way up with on the job training"

-Shannan Ponton

Shannan's career began well over two decades ago; Before being a trainer was cool, and before entry to it's market place was simply a matter of dollars and a few quick weeks of entry-level education.

Shannan Ponton epitomises what it means to be a true 'Fitness Professional', and is a subtle reminder of what the industry was, versus what it has become. And this is no stab at the thousands of great trainers who motivate and direct their clients daily, more an indicator of what the industry has evolved into, and the areas in which it has failed in an effort to saturate the floors of a gym near you.

With 10 seasons of the highly successful Channel 10 hit TV series "The Biggest Loser" behind him, Shannon and Shannan reflect on the career that was, and Shannan's thoughts on weight loss, training, mindset and the struggle within.

As the industry continues to debate the answers to our obestity epidemic, Shannan talks about the very simple factors that allow the TV contestants to drop weight week after week. And while the scientific communities continue to argue over the pathogenesis of this insidious disease, Shannan and his team just keep getting results for each and every participant for every year that the show screens.

But behind the celebrity is always a normal person with their own unique struggles and life lessons. Learn how Shannan deals with all the normal cravings, time constraints and daily life issues as us all, and what it is that has made him a household name.

I was fortunate to hang out with Shannan in his Sydney home, and talk casually about life, love and family. He's an amazing dad who is happier hanging out at the local skate park with his son, rather than seeking attention via public displays at known paparazzi haunts. He's also a committed husband, and the energy between Shannan and his wife is genuine and infective.

I think that so much of who and what Shannan is will completely resonate with every listener, and motivate you to get more out of every day.


Please enjoy


Mar 5, 2017

Have you ever dreamed of just packing up and leaving the life you currently lead? Well so did I, and so I did....

For 12 months now, I have travelled Australia to combine with my many and varied health colleagues, to create a series of stories that would both inspire and empower change within my audience.

After a 16 year full-time clinical career, my wife Michelle & I decided that a new phase to our journey would begin, as we literally shut up shop & loaded our three young children into a caravan for the journey of a lifetime around Australia.

And where would we go?? Wherever the best stories would be told.

And so The Travelling Wellness Show began.



I've been in the Health, Fitness & Wellness game for a very long time now, and contributed to the industries in a variety of ways, everything from supplement manufacture & wholesale, right through to the clinical and retail arms. People are my life, and health is my vehicle to create change.


Somewhere along the line though, full-time clinical work burnt me out and left me tired and uninspired. Life was more a series of day to day obligations, and even though I still loved my work and those I served, my desire wasn't there. I wasn't playing the game that I always dreamed of, and the efforts rendered over 16 years of full time work had only aided 60,000 people. Such is the reality of the 1:1 process, and every clinician understands this.

The Travelling Wellness Show was simply my way to give back to a broader audience, and to collaborate with other great minds who understand the often misunderstood subjects of health that hold the key to true transcendence.

This episode was recorded due to listener request, as people seem to fantisize with the notion of escaping reality. And in the words of Steve Jobs I leave you with this..


Feb 26, 2017


There is so much noise in the fitness industry nowadays, with so many available movement patterns that the lay person simply gets caught up amongst the noise when it comes to making a decision about what's best for them.

Nothing can be hardcore enough for the consumer either, as movements like CrossFit literally 'forge elite fitness' for average mums and dads, making elite level training protocols readily available to anyone willing to participate. Then we have bodybuilding / physique training which has stood the test of time for sure, and continues to inspire its active participants, followed by the myriad of breakout franchises like F45 which simply provides a 'no thought needed' environment for people who enjoy going through the motions but don't aspire to the likes of CrossFit. In so many ways, we are spoilt with choice as consumers, but with choice comes disappointment and with disappointment comes complacency.

Until now, if hardcore training programs were too all-encompassing for an individual, or too much stress on the body for people under enormous daily stress, the only real options have been our yin focused cousins like yoga and pilates. World's apart!

10 years ago program founder and educator Nathan Helberg found himself in the same boat as everyone else, as he struggled to maintain physical function and mobility on a traditional bodybuilding regime. In his words, Isolation movements had left him 'vulnerable' and in need of change.

On this episode we explore the training system which is ZUU, through the eyes of two of its most experienced devotees. Two people who have experienced the multifactorial benefits that ZUU provides, and have fully embraced it as an important part of their lives. For Luke Bishara, ZUU frankly changed his life and provided much needed direction. For Dirk Gardner it became a philosophy by which to live. For both boys though it is the #truth, and a tool for doing good within communiites & reconnecting people to themselves and each other.

I call these lads good blokes. Nathan Helberg calls them his #generalz

Enjoy the show,



Feb 19, 2017

I first met Dave Tabain in 2014 and must admit, I didn't know what to make of him.

At first glance I saw a tall, suave, fast-talker who I learned had a knack of popping up everywhere! Feeling more like a groupie, I was honestly enthralled and instantly attracted to this character that I could't quite put into words.

Growing up in a very small country town, Dave basically was void of filters, and simply wore his heart on his sleeve. I loved this; someone who just said shit as it was, with zero fuss or bullshit. He simply wanted to positively influence people's lives.


Just ask anyone around you, and the chances are that they know who Dave Tabain is, or have heard his name around the traps. And his currency I hear you ask?? Authenticity, life experience, passion & an early love of the Kettlebell. Simple.

And in reality that is more than enough. More than was necessary, for each of those features he has in spades. Authentic to a fault, embarrassingly so. Life experience that he doesn't deny, starting with early academic failings and familial conditioning that he saw through. Passion in droves; for life, for love, for movement. And the kettlebell, wow! A cannonball with a handle that Dave saw as his way out of the small town he was raised in. Dave made that device his bitch, and went on to win multiple international back-to-back world records .

Anyway that's enough from me. Push play and be inspired by a bloke just like you and me, who decided early in life that more wasn't going to be enough.

For more on Dave, and information on his Internationally-popular 30 day Challenge, click here

Feb 4, 2017


11 years ago Anthony Mundine closed the door on a rivalry that had been brewing for a very long time. And for 11 years, Danny green has dreamed of redemption, a dream that came into form on Friday night when he beat Mundine in a unanimous points decision.

As boxing often goes though, the win didn't come without its share of controversy, as Mundine was on the receiving end of a suspect score card where a single judge scored the contest a 98/90 in Green's favour.


On this episode, PSE supplements owner Shannon Brenton talks directly to the man himself to get his thoughts, feelings & considerations of the event that was.

Choc happily answers fan questions and the almighty one on everyone's lips surrounding his probable retirement. He also gives his take on 'that punch'!

Nutrition, supplementation, fight prep, religion, business and legacy are all covered here, so take a listen and make your own mind up about the man you've always loved to hate.

Jan 15, 2017


For Episode 3, PSE supplements boss Shannon Brenton heads over to the Medical Sanctuary to speak with holistic GP & Obstetric Surgeon, Dr Elen ApThomas. 

This podcast begins with an overview of the role of the General Practitioner in modern times, before launching into the prime discussion of the Gut/Brain axis; The very complexed neuro-hormonal communication system, which is ultimately responsible for keeping your body in a balanced state. Shannon & Elen drill down on how this bio-directional system affects you via its integrated web of neuroendocrine, immunological, microbial and primary digestive and excretory actions.

How stress affects you, the importance of a healthy liver, the role of the gut microbiome, Leakey Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and much much more are all discussed right here.



Dr Elen is a very authentic and dear friend, not afraid to call a spade a spade. Her dedication to the truth is what attracts me to her, and her willingness to think outside the square is what cements her in the top percentile of medical practitioners really making a difference.

Please enjoy the show

With love,