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Not any old Health & Wellness podcast!! Join Clinical practitioner Shannon Brenton, as he packs up his clinic and hits the road full time to connect with Australia's most experienced & influential talents in the health & wellness space. Combining with many of the people Shannon has worked with over the years, these are the stories often never told. Bare boned truths, industry secrets & the personal experiences of industry leaders that most never get to hear from. Educational, inspirational & entertaining, the outcome is a thought provoking collection of conversations aimed at equipping the average person with the tools & perspectives required to live a better life in modern times. This Podcast is proudly brought to you by PSE Supplements.
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Jul 21, 2017

“ When I reached 33, the flame that sat inside me got reignited, and I became conscious of the fact that I was capable of more. It was like this hunger I couldn’t ignore”


-Janet Smith

Welcome to episode 19 of the travelling wellness show.
Are you one of the many who struggle to blend the monotony of your day to day, with the burning desires that lie inside?? Have you ever dreamed of more, only to be told or shown that it’s not possible?? Well, join the long line of people in front of you…
Today’s guest, like many others who have faced life-changing events, chose to walk the road less travelled & stick the middle finger up at the very society that was trying to dictate the terms of her existence.

“ I felt so much guilt as a mother wanting more from my life. I still fight this to this day.”


At the park with her kids, Janet Smith appears like any other mother of three, but don’t be fooled, because this chick has a few extra tricks up her sleeve. An acclaimed accomplished Obstacle racer both here and abroad, Janet has started to work out what balance looks like, after a long time without much at all.
Everytime someone said no, all Janet heard was YES. When self doubt and guilt screamed “slow down”, Janet ran quicker in the other direction. And the moral to the story is that we all have hopes and dreams and we are all capable of achieving them. It’s ultimately about choice, personal determination and the love & support of those around us.
As a semi-finalist in this years “Australian Ninja Warrior”, Janet has decided to keep playing a bigger game. You can support Janet’s amazing journey through her facebook & instagram profile janetannsmith, and by viewing the semifinals of Australian Ninja Warrior that Janet appears in this weekend.
It’s time to get motivated
Enjoy guys
“As a mum of three girls I wanted to play that role model to them. I wanted to show them what strong, fit & healthy looked like”
-Janet Smith